About Us


Immersive Labs was founded in January 2017 by James Hadley.  James’ background in security research and delivering courses as a cyber security instructor led him to create a scalable and effective way of plugging the skills gap.

Through creating and delivering courses, James identified the following issues when engaging individuals in developing cyber skills:

  • Death by PowerPoint: Individuals lose interest quickly and don’t retain information.
  • E-Learning: Individuals race through next, next, next finish to get it over and done with.
  • Video Learning: Individuals become disengaged from the one-way interaction and scroll to the individual task elements, skipping content.
  • Monkey See Monkey Do: Following prescribed exercises to complete a technical challenge: No knowledge retention. Individuals become frustrated going the pace of the slowest learner.


James identified that those who had a natural ability to develop practical cyber skills have a series of traits or strengths such as:

  • Problem Solving
  • Troubleshooting
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Self-Research
  • Perseverance

At Immersive Labs, we create cloud-hosted cyber labs, which are created on-demand. Our labs are signposted, enabling anyone, at any level, to begin developing cyber security knowledge and practical skills. Signposts ensure users knows what is expected of them in order to complete lab challenges, including the types of activities and search terms they can use for help, if they become stuck. Users are expected to complete labs through self-research. Upon completion, users are rewarded with points and badges, which are added in real-time to company leaderboards.

Through our labs, users go at their own pace, choose their own content and can complete exercises in any way they want, provided they reach the end goal. Goals include getting access to a remote server, classifying an attack from log analysis and performing forensics on a live host. All of our labs are accessed from a standard browser via an internet connection.

We work with expert security researchers from around the world, ensuring high quality and relevant content. We add new cyber labs every week and even the same day a new security issue is made public. We enable businesses to keep up with attackers.

Subscribing businesses have access to user profiles, cyber skill dashboards and gamified leaderboards, which help to:

  1. Identify skill gaps and potential security risks
  2. Track people development
  3. Recognise internal talent at performance reviews