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Immersive Labs Limited registered business address:
SG House 6 St. Cross Road Winchester Hampshire SO23 9HX.

Trading Address:
The Engine Shed, Station Approach, Temple Gate, Bristol, BS1 6QH.

Telephone: 020 3893 9101

Registered Company Number: 10553244

VAT No.: 259039386


Immersive Labs Ltd does not accept speculative CVs. We will only review CVs sent in application for an advertised post. Any unsolicited CVs received will be treated as the property of Immersive Labs Ltd and Terms & Conditions associated with the use of such CVs will be considered null and void.

Certain vacancies are NOT open to ANY agencies, regardless of their status. These vacancies are clearly marked on our website as ‘direct applications only’.

Please never send us CVs unless we have explicitly requested your company specifically to do so in respect of a specific vacancy. We consider it “spoiling” – attempting to lay prior claim over a given candidate, and it does not endear your company to us.

To make it crystal clear: any unsolicited CVs sent by your company to us – that is to say, in any situation where we have not directly engaged your company in writing to supply candidates for a specific vacancy – will be considered by us to be a “free gift”, leaving us liable for no fees whatsoever should we choose to contact the candidate directly and engage the candidate’s services, and will in no way establish any prior claim by your company to representation of that candidate should the candidate’s details also be submitted by any other party.

Submission of any unsolicited CVs to us by your company will be deemed evidence of full and unlimited acceptance by your company of these terms, and agreement by your company that these terms are the totality of any commercial or contractual relationship whatsoever between our companies in respect of the candidate(s) whose unsolicited CVs were thus sent.