At Immersive Labs we enable organisations to measure their current cyber skills, identify hidden cyber talent and develop new cyber skills rapidly.

We do this through a cloud-based cyber assessment platform that can measure and improve technical cyber skills within your company.

Companies can use our platform to demonstrate to stakeholders that their team’s cyber skills are relevant and up to date. Our library of labs enables individuals to develop practical cyber skills from “Novice to Ninja” across a range of cyber disciplines:

“Immersive Labs has an innovative and engaging approach to talent identification and up skilling. Their novel real world labs ensure staff are continually challenged to learn and develop against a backdrop of an evolving threat landscape”

Our labs can be completed through a browser, including access to a Ethical Hacking desktop “Kali”. No software download or integration is required, just a HTML5 browser. We also support copy and paste between the corporate desktop and our labs to make exercise completion simple and effective.

We reward users with points and badges for completing exercises, and place them in a company-wide leaderboard to encourage healthy competition.

We update the platform every week and even the same day a security issue is made public.

Our customers can use our platform to ensure their staff have mature cyber skills based on the latest threats, helping them analyse and contain incidents to safeguard company assets.

 Immersive Labs are proud to have been through both the CSIT and CyLon accelerator programmes and have won two DCMS competitions for Cyber Security and Innovation

 Don’t Take Our Word For It! Immersive Labs are a UK Cyber Security Startup with a great track record as featured in: