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Understand and upskill your team's cyber capabilities

Immersive Labs addresses the cyber skills shortage in a dynamic, hands-on and engaging way without expensive and outdated classroom-based teaching.

Our highly acclaimed browser-based virtual learning platform provides cyber security teams at organisations of all sizes and abilities with purpose-built interactive ‘labs’ which facilitate best practice, attacker psychology, digital countermeasures and breach response.

“The best of the best cyber talent like to learn. They don’t like to be taught.”

James Hadley, CEO Immersive Labs

“There is a critical shortage of cyber professionals across the globe. Existing cyber professionals need to keep their skills sharp. Immersive Labs provides an innovative solution for training new cyber professionals and honing the skills of existing professionals.”

Andy Ozment, Global CISO Goldman Sachs

Find out how Goldman Sachs are utilising the Immersive Labs practical learning environment to benefit their 8000 technology staff. Read More.

“Major institutions cannot wait for the cyber skills education pipeline to right itself. The key is to identify and develop talent and aptitude amongst existing staff, using techniques that are appropriate to a new generation.”

Robert Hannigan, former Director of GCHQ; and Chairman of Immersive Labs’ Advisory Board

Solving the Skills Shortage

Through our kinesthetic learning environment, with four new labs added every week, we help companies gain insight on their practical cyber skills and technical capability.

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Our online platform can help you:

  • Identify hidden talent from both within your organisation or via our Digital Cyber Academies.
  • Recruit and Assess talent based on the skills you need, not degrees or certifications.
  • Develop existing cyber talent to keep pace with the ever-increasing cyber threat.
  • Retain your experts, before they leave for better offers.

We are a CREST Approved Training Provider

We have over 100 labs to help you study towards CREST CPSA and CREST CRT examinations. The approved labs on our platform are clearly signposted with the CREST logo, so you can be confident that these labs are suitable learning resources to help you gain your CREST accreditation’s.

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